I played a game on numbered against Infinite. Then, I proceeded to analyze all her moves as clues to find the hacker that stole my hard drive before the dawn, the deadline to stop him from deleting all my secret files.

9+9+2= 20
73+5+4= 82

After 3 hours I understood the clues were all pointing to an investment fund in Switzerland. I gave my broker a call and we searched through all the possible data: investors, projects, addresses... But it was already 5 am and I couldn't understand anything. Infinite didn't accept new games and there was no way to reach her. I couldn't find any contact data: I tried to find her address, her email, her whatsApp number, her account on Facebook, Twitter, Angry Words, Instagram... but it was around 6 and the sun was already visible. Too late, I understood the files were already deleted.

I was so tired after my trip from LA, that I fell asleep without thinking about the serious problems that the lack of my documents would bring. After a few hours, the noise made by the postman wake me up. Among the mail envelopes,  there was a flyer about the British Museum: “The Museum will distract me before the upcoming chaos”.

I was feeling drowsy and sleepy, but a sculpture with a long tongue called my attention. It was an ancient Chinese Chu tomb guardian... Is this the mocking tom guardian I was looking for?”

I still had the flyer in my hands: “British Museum, established in 1753. Telephone  020 7323 8299,  That were the exact numbers that Infinite was playing on numbered!"
I got an SMS “What's wrong, russky? You used to be agile. You are almost there, if you can use the last minutes before the dawn wisely. But I'm beginning to have my doubts. Btw. I must admit that even when you are ridiculously clumsy today, yellow suits you, nice dress!” It was 5:30 am in California, a few minutes before the dawn.