The hacker I was looking for should be just worried about doing something naughty, not about calling everyone's attention. Among a few phone addicts, mainly twitter fans, I analyzed a discreet lady hacker in red:

1) “mathematical mind, good sign” ... she was playing numbered 
2) "she is hacking the app!" ... all her numbers were hearts, used as jokers or wild cards
3) "she was provocking small electrical discharges in some of the police's walkies-talkies!"  ... every time she played her numbers and following a smart algorithm, it couldn't be a coincidence.

I whispered my problem in her ear and she calmly replied “I know how to help you. I am going to give you a clue, pay attention”. During Assange's speech, she started flying some kind of remote-controlled spider over the policemen. The spider was holding a piece of paper with a note: “Be my numbered, my nick is infinite ;)”

I rushed to start a numbered game against her. I needed her information, the sunset was just a few hours away and losing my documents at dawn would be like losing my life.

SIGUIENTE: 11. (pronto en sus pantallas)
ANTERIOR:9. Petronymous

Play numbered: numbered