Help me find a hacker! ;)

Since I had no news from the Ace of Spades, I took a flight back to London. In the plane, I decided to review a few all cases on my phone, but I could just find a file called “READ ME, RUSSKY”, a text document saying:

“It’s a fact. I can find you whenever I want.
Find me too, I’m the mocking tomb guardian.
I will guard your files too, but just till the dawn”

Perfect! A hacker making my day. One hacker neutralizes another hacker, they say... but, where could I find a hacker on a Saturday? Right after landing in Heatrow, a newspaper gave my the answer: “Julian Assange will speak publicily from the Ecuatorian Embassy”. Immediately I took a cab towards 3 Hans Crescent.

I arrived just in time for the speech, I tried to find a hacker around me asap. Let’s see, a Pussy Riot sympathizer, anti-yankee thinkers... “Hacker found!”

You know who my hacker was too, don’t you? ;)