AS: Who should he hook up with in the next Episode?
A: Hank Moody, of course ;)
You have good imagination to write scripts, what do you think?
P: Mmmm ... with Marcy?
A: Absolutely!

Yes, the Ace of Spades was in charge of my favorite show, Californitacion, so I gave him a couple of ideas. But in the middle of this American dream, I started feeling signs of his psychological complexity. I’ve always been so good understanding other people’s behavior, but now I had no idea how to understand his.

First I just realized of little manias. He always tried to meet where nobody could see us and when he bumped into someone friend, he pretended not to know me. One day we went to Santa Monica but disappeared after a while:  "I have a conference call, brb", but right after he left he started texting me  "Santa Monica is so beautiful!", "what ya doin?","I had this great idea, what do you think?" ...  Obviously he was not in a call.

He never came back. I couldn’t find him on the beach, just tourists and bay-watchers...