The Ace of Spades, chose his local junk food pizza place in Sunset Boulevard. He was not a real mafia guy, but a LA producer looking for ideas to make a “The Godfather” remake.

Obviously, I hesitated to give that Hawaiian pizza the first bite. Last trend of gangsters games was the “Russian Pizza” (A Russian Roulette version with a poisoned slice). But “the Ace”, started to give me that good feeling of trust and complicity.

It was mutual. He unburdened his heart telling me about his problems with producers and striking script writers.... and I told him how I got to that party, how I got stuck on the Russian Mafia life and how Mr. Sik attacked tried to write my final day. The Ace showed true interest and comprehension “Mr. Sik really spoilt the chance of enjoying your magic, you are addictive!”

I whispered “Touche!” and the night transformed into a party. We ate more pizza, went for a walk and we had a laugh at life and at the incredible short skirts LA girls like to dress!