I think I woke up next morning, but I had lost the notion of time and space. The only thing I was certain was a strong stomach ache and a sharp pain along the back of my skull. It was surely the consequence of beating my head against the couch.

My first thought was for him. As in the days before our date, I was worried about when I would see him again, but an image of us both drinking a toast to our first date crossed my mind: "Fucking vodka! I am sure I ended up as drunk as old russian men that use to lie on the street as dead men close to muscovite underground entrances" I thought. But, if we got drunk together, what happened?

Night fell, sun came out again and I still went through this despairing condition a couple of days more. On the fourth day I tried to wake up again, but I fainted again. My stomach exploded coughing up blood. Definitely, the vodka was not to blame... I had been poisoned. When I couldn't find my phone to ask for help, I understood that Mr. Sik had stolen it, and consequently an application with secret information. I understood I was a victim of an enemy agent. Apart from this conclusion, I couldn't remember anything in a long long time...

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